Amble Skuse


Amble Skuse is a composer and musician who was part of the Creative ScotlASand International Creative Entrepreneurs Fellowship in 2013. For this Amble worked in Beijing for three months where she worked alongside other musicians, theatre companies and visual artists.

While with flip Artists, Amble undertook the immense task of travelling from Scotland to Singapore by train. Before embarking, Amble decided to make this extraordinary journey into an interactive residency, Tracks and Sleepers. flip Artists helped Amble gather contributions from the public: questions, tasks and statements to inspire unique compositions or blog entries, for Amble to write while on the move. These contributions were collated into anonymous envelopes. Throughout her journey, Amble opened and reacted to these tasks, posting the results on a Tumblr page. It was not until after Amble posted a completed task on the Tumblr that flip Artists revealed the person behind each entry. As a resolution to this project, Amble presented a performance work that incorporated printed images taken while on the trip at Gayfield Creative Spaces in Edinburgh, as part of The view from here – an exhibition curated by flip Artists.  Amble was resident during the exhibition, processing her journey.

Through flip artists Amble has also had mentoring support as part of the FST Step Up mentoring programme.

“Flip has helped me to have space to think, which is the most important thing I have ever done.”

Tracks and Sleepers

Tracks and Sleepers envelopes. Credit: Amble Skuse

Other information

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Twitter: – @ambleskramble

Examples of compositions:

– Chapels with Splendid Glass Windows

– Stryd Clyd

– There Be Dragons