Birds of Paradise Theatre Company


Birds of Paradise is a force for change in Scottish theatre, creating world class projects and performances that place disabled artists centre stage.

We exist to

  • To increase the representation of professional deaf and disabled artists and performers in Scottish theatre – by working with exciting and skilled disabled and non-disabled artists and leading a national debate on inclusive theatre practice and issues around deaf and disability arts
  • To create world class performances and projects that embody the aesthetics of access – by becoming acknowledged leaders in the practical application of the aesthetics of access in Scotland and continuing to be innovative with our creative inclusive arts practice
  • To nurture the next generation of deaf and disabled performers and artists – by introducing young people deaf and disabled people to theatre

“As a calling card for the new direction for Birds of Paradise, this is a wonderfully full-on-no-holds-barred declaration of intent to produce entertaining theatre with heart, intelligence and flair”.
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