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While with flip Artists, emerging actor Derek Darvell worked with director Caitlin Skinner on a monologue based around his own experiences of growing up. Derek also worked with director Cora Bissett on his audition technique and on audition pieces to prepare him for auditions once flip Artists finished. Derek was signed up to BAFTA Scotland’s Career Starter membership programme, giving him access to workshops, seminars and exclusive screenings organised by BAFTA Scotland until June 2016. Derek also had mentoring support as part of the FST Step Up mentoring programme.

Derek has been in a variety of productions, most notably working with Lung Ha Theatre Company for a number of years. Derek is also highly skilled in karate and has taken part in international competitions.


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Derek in The Hold - Lung Ha's Theatre Company. Image: Douglas Jones

Derek in The Hold – Lung Ha’s Theatre Company. Image: Douglas Jones


Monologue showreel


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