Dundee Contemporary Arts


DCA is an organisation that has established itself as a major force in contemporary art, cultural cinema and community and education practice and as a vibrant social and cultural hub. The secret of its success has been the imagination, ambition, commitment, intricate care and hard work of those who conceived the idea of DCA and those who brought it into being and those whose energy and ideas have earned it national and international acclaim while ensuring that it is embraced by the community that is its home. DCA’s success is also thanks to the commitment of its audiences who have supported the organisation by visiting, attending, participating, enjoying, challenging and questioning.

In 2010 – 2012 DCA were part of engage Scotland’s Everyone Project and provided residencies for two artists – Aidan Moesby and Jackie Smith

Eye Can Draw – new work by Jackie Smith Badlands/Msdiagnosis Jackie’s blog Aidan’s website



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