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While with flip Artists, musician and electronic music composer Matthew Ward worked with musician and music producer Fergus Costello on creating some original tracks. One finished track was mastered by DJ Mark Sherry. Fergus also took Matthew to music events around Glasgow to further his knowledge of the industry.

Matthew Ward is a musician and composer who has worked with Sonic Bothy, Sense Scotland and Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra. At present Matthew has completed an HNC course in Music performance and production achieving an A grade pass and has just completed the same course at HND level. Matthew can play many and varied instruments, and has experimented with making recordings of every day sounds, manipulating them in the studio. He is currently working as a musical consultant for Sensatronic and taking DJ lessons with the intention of composing and mixing his own tracks.

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SENSE Scotland St. Enoch. 24/1/14 Picture © Andy Buchanan 2014






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