National Theatre of Scotland


flip are working closely with the National Theatre of Scotland and in particular taking learning from its Auteurs Creative Development Programme – see below.  The National Theatre of Scotland has a strong commitment to nurturing diverse talent and ensuring that its own work is as accessible as possible.

In its short life, the National Theatre of Scotland has already earned a significant national and international reputation for its daring and originality.

The National Theatre of Scotland was established in 2006 and has created over 200 productions. Being a theatre without walls and building-free, the Company presents a wide variety of work that ranges from large-scale productions to projects tailored to the smallest performing spaces. In addition to conventional theatres, the Company has performed in airports, schools, tower blocks, community halls, ferries and forests.

Auteurs Creative Development Programme 2011 – 2014
The Auteurs Creative Development Programme began as a conversation between the National Theatre of Scotland and the Arches, Glasgow about the shifting ways that artists were making live work in Scotland.

They recognised a move away from a pattern of graduate artists coming together to form companies with clearly delineated roles – director, performer, designer, writer, producer, educator – towards an emergence of artists who had exceptional ability in an overlapping collection of these areas.

There was an incredible sense of energy, determination and potential from these artists. These creative authors were leaving their mark.

Thanks to support from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, they designed a three year programme of artistic development tailored to the individual needs of the initial five selected artists supported in years 1-2: Claire Cunningham, Rob Drummond, Nic Green, Kieran Hurley and Gary McNair. In year 3, they introduced n new set of five, less experienced artists, to be supported by the companies and original five auteurs.  This second round of artists were: Rosana Cade, Michael John O’Neill, Greg Sinclair, Lou Prendergast and Finn den Hertog.

Activities offered to the artists under the programme, included international research residencies, writing and thinking retreats, performance training, creative exchanges with other practitioners, placements and mentorship.



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