Other Initiatives and Organisations in Scotland


Project Ability

Project Ability is a Glasgow-based visual arts organisation with an international reputation for excellence.  We create opportunities for people with disabilities and people with mental health issues, aged 5 years to 80 plus, to express themselves and achieve artistic excellence.

Over three hundred people each week take part in our year round programme of workshops, events and exhibitions which are held in our centre in Trongate 103 and in community venues throughout the city.

We work in partnership with people with disabilities and their support agencies across the UK and develop local, national and international arts projects, creating opportunities for people to network, share their practice and exhibit their work.

Solar Bear

Our aim is to make theatre accessible for everyone by embedding inclusion and accessibility into the root of our society through inspiring, varied and innovative theatre.

Solar Bear is a theatre company based in Glasgow, but we work with individuals and organisations across the whole of Scotland, the UK and abroad. We work with actors, directors, musicians, tutors, interpreters and venues to help break down barriers to theatre both on and off the stage. Deaf Youth Theatre (DYT) is Britain’s only year-round, permanent youth theatre for young people who are deaf, deafened or hard of hearing.  With a reputation for groundbreaking work in creating theatre productions that are accessible to deaf and hearing audience, DYT is producing Scotland’s first generation of professional deaf actors.

We also offer tailored training courses to young people, adults, local authorities and arts organisations across Scotland.  These courses include Deaf Awareness Training, Apprenticeships and, in partnership with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Deaf Theatre Skills and Signing for Performance. In 2015 the Royal Conservatoire in partnership with Solar Bear will deliver the first BA Degree in Performance (BSL English). This is the first BA Degree in Performance delivered in BSL in the UK.


Artlink Edinburgh & Lothians

Artlink is an arts and disability organisation established in 1984. Artlink believes participation in the arts has an important role to play in realising personal and social change. Our aim is to increase opportunities to take part in the arts for those who experience disadvantage or disability in the East of Scotland. We offer practical support so people can get involved and work with venues to increase opportunities to enjoy the arts. Artlink establishes partnerships with artists, venues and organisations to help encourage positive change.

Sense Scotland

Sense Scotland was formalised as a charity in 1985. It grew quiclky, from its beginings as a small group of families pressing for services for their children, who were affected by deafblindness, many because of maternal rubella. Since then, the organisation has gone on to successfully support thousands of disabled people and their families, in thousands of projects and services, throughout Scotland.

Sonic Bothy

Sonic Bothy is a new inclusive ensemble that explores, composes and performs contemporary music of all kinds, drawing inspiration from Glasgow’s rich musical life. We bring together musicians of all abilities to work together to extend their musical knowledge, composition and performance skills.

We offer support to adult musicians with an additional learning support need who would like to explore learning at an intermediate and advanced level. Our ensemble includes leading musicians and educators with specialist knowledge of a diverse range of musical genres, and who are committed to working along side participating musicians to create thought-provoking new music.

Lung Ha’s Theatre Company

Lung Ha’s Theatre Company exists to provide and inspire opportunities for people with learning disabilities to become actively involved in the performing arts.


Indepen-dance is an inclusive dance development company offering creative movement classes to people with diverse abilities, their carers, family members and volunteers. Throughout the year, the company performs work of high artistic quality created in collaboration with professional choreographers and dancers. Indepen-dance enables individuals with diverse abilities to participate in and benefit fully from a high quality arts provision.

As strong believers in an inclusive approach, all our activities are offered to people with and without disabilities. Providing everyone with the opportunity to learn from each other and share a creative experience.

Drake Music Scotland

Since 1997, we have created opportunities across Scotland for over 7000 children and adults with disabilities to learn, compose and perform music independently.  Using both conventional instruments and inclusive technologies, we deliver a range of education and training projects enabling participants to make music to whatever level they aspire.

Scottish Book Trust

The Scottish Book Trust offers a wide range of resources and activities to support readers and writers of all ages.

Universal Comedy

Universal Comedy is a Charity and Social Enterprise providing practical opportunities in the skills of producing and performing comedy for people with ill health, as a vehicle for them to develop their core skills, confidence and self-esteem, as well as promoting their health and well-being. The ultimate goal is to enable them to reintegrate with their community through moving onto further social, learning or work activities.

The Company provides a fresh and innovative approach to achieving significant health, social and employability outcomes for people with ill health.

As a Company they work in partnership with Health, Social Care and Employability (HSCE) organisations across Scotland who have clients they can help, and as a Charity they provide a self-referral route for individuals with ill health who are isolated in the community. They have a growing social network where graduates and trainees can participate in Glasgow International Comedy Festivals, Edinburgh International Festivals, and local Mental Health and Arts Festivals throughout the year.


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