Transition - PumVisual artist Pum worked on a series of collages that featured in the exhibition, The view from here, curated by flip Artists at Whitespace in August 2015. working with flip Artists Pum also had work exhibited at Broth Art, London and Summerhall, Edinburgh as part of the August 2015 Unlimited exhibition.

Dundee Contemporary Arts have created a limited edition run of etching of a series of four of Pum’s collages – these were available at DCA and at the flip Artists exhibition. DCA have also worked with Pum since the end of flip Artists and are exhibiting her work in the exhibition Lend me your Legends in February 2016.

Pum also explored how she develops a career as an artist and as an individual with Autism and found structures that support her while not impacting negatively on her creative routine.

Pum’s practice developed out of her creative response to her awareness of her own Autism. Her collage work led her to appreciate the unusual perspectives which her Autism affords her, whilst gaining unique insight into the problematic aspects of the condition. Art making has played an integral part in her ability to manage her life with Autism. Pum has also completed a one year residency with Project Ability.

Image: ‘Transition’ by Pum

flip Artists has helped transform Pum’s sense of ownership of her art. It’s now not just something that Pum happens to do, it’s something that Pum makes happen. flip has helped Pum focus on simple strategies for taking ownership and governance of her creative collage work.”

See below images of Pum’s collages at the exhibition The view from here

Collage prints by Pum Dunbar on the wall

Collage prints by Pum on the wall

The view from here

Transition (left) and The Art of escapism (right)

The view from here 08

The view from here

The Feminist series I, II & III (left), The Feminist (middle), The Feminist (right)


The view from here

This plinth displays a pamphlet of work by Pum, and was available for sale at The view from here


The view from here


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