Tracks and Sleepers


Tracks and Sleepers

Flip Artist Amble Skuse is a Composer, Producer and Blogger who also has M.E. Amble is about to undertake an epic train journey travelling 5000 miles from Benbecula (Hebrides, Scotland) to Beijing (China). This project – Tracks and Sleepers – is a mobile artists residency with a twist; she wants your input.

For the duration of her journey Amble will be offline and she is interested in using this confined and un-networked time to develop new work and reflect on her experience as an artist with M.E. Amble is looking for external prompts to assist her during this process and is particularly keen to hear from individuals or organisations who may also be reflecting on arts and disability, arts infrastructure and the nature of the cultural legacies we operate within.

There are 2 ways to get involved:

Questions to prompt a blog

Inspirations to compose a sound piece

If you would like to get involved, please send your suggestions to and flip Artists will put your inspirations, poems, questions, instructions or musical phrases them into a collection of sealed, unmarked envelopes. Amble will reflect and respond to your input, uploading her blogs whenever she finds an internet signal. The only rule is, because Amble will be choosing suggestions at random while en route, they must be geographically generic to whichever location she might be in: Benbecula; London; Paris; Berlin; Warsaw; Moscow; Siberia; Mongolia; China.

Amble’s blogs and pieces will be available at:


 flip Artists:

Deadline for submissions is 6th April 2015 

We’re keen to hear from individuals but also organisations, magazines, blogs and websites. Come get involved!

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